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Imagine if your practitioner...

... was your wellness coach, herbalist, and guide to your inner world of grief, trauma, and shadow
... had tools, techniques, training, and skills to treat both the physical and emotional body
... had teaching skills on top of clinical skills to help you understand your own body and healing journey
... had training in both Eastern and Western perspectives
... had the experience of training hundreds of other herbalists, acupuncturists, and grief tenders
... chose to purchase herbs based on quality and not price
... didn't require a long-term commitment
... was invested in offering you the tools to continue your healing journey outside of the sessions
... offered the very best in quality and compassionate care

Fox utililizes many modalities within his healing sessions. He will typically use his knowledge and intuition to choose which ones will best serve you, but you are also welcome to request from the following:


Unresolved grief is the common cause of heaviness of spirit, depression, anxiety, hopelessness, and myriad physical maladies. Tools and techniques are used to mobilize the accumulation of Grief through its full emotional expression, creating more room for lightness and joy.



Raw herb teas and tinctures are formulated specifically to your body in order to maintain wellness or bring back balance. A combination of local and Chinese medicinals substances can be integrated into your therapy for ongoing care. We buy only the highest quality herbs


Using Chinese Medicinal classical methods and techniques, we stimulate places on the body to shift the movement of energy. The addition of oils, topical applications, and heat therapy can guide your body towards wellness.

Screen Shot 2023-05-05 at 11.43.48 AM.png

The body never lies, and holds a great wealth of information and patterns that might not even be conscious. Body awareness practices (including tools from Somatic Experiencing) are used to identify blocks, release emotions, and regulate the nervous system.



Shadows are the repressed parts of our psyche that unconsciously inform our patterns and behaviors. Tending to these parts gives us outlets for their full expression, greater self-awareness, and the opportunity for major self-growth and transformation.


"Let thy food be thy medicine..." --Hippocrates

Since we dose ourselves with food typically three times a day, what we eat must be in alignment with our healing regiment. Dietary recommendations are given that can dramatically increase healing and reduce symptoms.


As our bodies are wired for sound, songs and soundscapes may be used along your healing journey to create meditative states, touch into trapped emotions, rejuvenate the nervous system, or nourish the body with affirmations.

Sessions can be done either

in person or over video:

Face-to-Face Sessions

Located in Downtown Asheville, NC

Can include all modalities

Wellness Coaching Sessions

In-depth Video consultation

Can include Grief, Shadow, and Trauma tending; as well as dietary and herbal therapies

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