...will combine herbal medicine and acupuncture and might also employ adjunct techniques including massage, moxabustion (heat therapy), gua-sha (scraping), and cupping. You can also choose to receive an herbal consultation or just an acupuncture treatment. Each session lasts from one to two hours, and begins with an in-depth consultation and tongue and pulse diagnostics.


We treat individuals and not diseases. So, the better we get to know you, the better we can assess your needs and provide you with the best treatment. To help facilitate this, your first visit requires a detailed intake form which you can fill out at home or arrive early to your appointment and complete in the waiting room.

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Using classical methods and techniques, we stimulate places on the body to shift the movement of energy within the body. Using hair-thin needles and heat therapy on the skin, we can guide your body towards wellness.


We offer high quality, private treatments that will address all of your health needs and guide your body into balance.


Raw herb combinations are perfectly formulated to maintain wellness or return the body back to balance. A combination of local and Chinese medicinals substances can be integrated into your therapy for ongoing care.

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