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Fox's Music

As Fox has built a life around the healing powers of plants, music, and community; he writes music that uplifts the heart, honors his plant allies, and tickles the human spirit. He is both a song-carrier and song-channeler and incorporates music into his rituals and private practice. He regularly facilitates group singing for the sake of group connection, feeding the spirits with beauty, and as a sacred form of group prayer.

Many of his songs are shared in song-circles, choirs, rituals, puppet-shows, and by campfires and rivers.

His songs from his original album, Spells Cast By Rain, can be heard on Bandcamp, Spotify, CDBaby, and Apple Music. Many others can be found on his Youtube channel.

Fox's Album:

Spells Cast By Rain

Devotional songs honoring the plants, nourishing the heart, and feeding the spirit

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Fox's Music Videos (YouTube)

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