Patient Testimonials


"Out of all the healing practitioners that I have ever worked with, Josh Fox was able to create and hold a container that promoted the most direct and effective healing I have ever experienced. His view of health and the body is much broader than most practitioners I have met. He doesn't treat the symptoms that are reported, but instead he follows his observations of the functioning of the entire body. This view allows for a more expanded perspective that includes root causes of symptoms that may not seem related. In my personal journey with him, I was able to uncover a huge backlog of emotional causes, even though I was completely convinced that the symptoms were purely physical.

He was able to hold space and witness me as the true director of the journey, and I felt very respected by him. I believe in his ability to hold space for deep healing and respect his knowledge, compassion and wisdom."

H.B., Asheville, NC

"I have been receiving acupuncture, using herbs for wellness, and embracing "Chinese Medicine" as the main system of medicine that has kept me well for the past 15 years. Having a recent inner ear imbalance as a side effect from a bout with the flu, Josh showed up like no other practitioner ever has for me. Having never worked with Josh before as a practitioner, not only did he come to my home because I was immobile, he did so with a much-appreciated level of compassionate care, professionalism, and demonstration of medical knowledge that exceeded my expectations and made me feel at ease during a stressful time. Josh is a true healer in my opinion because he naturally embodies both heart and wisdom - revealing he is truly here to help people be well and has the experience and knowledge to back that up. Thank you, Josh Fox!"

A.A., Leicester, NC


"I highly recommend Josh Fox as an acupuncturist and herbalist. He has a deep intuition and gentleness that create beautiful harmony and newness in ritual for every session."

F.K., Asheville, NC

Student Testimonials


"Wonderful and peaceful mentor! Teachings were balanced, engaging and helped open me up to a whole new way of looking at health and healing. I gained so much from the class. He gave us tools and resources to deepen our understanding and learning outside of the class as well."

S.C., Asheville, NC



"Fox is a wise, compassionate and insightful teacher. His clarity and passion make him a joy to learn from, and his deep empathy and experience make him a wonderful healer. I look forward to his future offerings with great expectation."

T.F., Asheville, NC