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Patient Testimonials

I highly recommend Josh Fox as an acupuncturist and herbalist. He has a deep intuition and gentleness that create beautiful harmony and newness in ritual for every session.

     --F. K. Asheville, NC


Working with Josh Fox has been absolutely amazing, and our work together was a pillar of support during an incredibly trying and transformative time in my life. Fox has an innate ability to create a safe and secure container in which to do deep healing work. He is so much more than your traditional acupuncturist. He incorporated needles and herbs, along with grief ritual and trauma processing, as well as sound, song, and listening. The most potent medicines he has to offer are the things that can't be taught, but just are - presence and intuition. I have absolute faith in Fox's abilities as a healer, and I trust him completely - not just with myself, but also with those I care for the most. I have recommended working with him to many friends, and will continue to do so.

     --S.A. Barnardsville, NC


Thank you for your healing presence!  The shifts I have made in only two sessions are deep and profound.

     --M.A. Tecumseh, MI


Out of all the healing practitioners that I have worked with over the years (which has been many!), Josh Fox was able to create and hold a container that promoted the most direct and effective healing I have ever experienced. His view of health and the body is much broader than most practitioners I have met. He doesn't treat the symptoms that are reported, but instead he follows his observations of the functioning of the entire body. This view allows for a more expanded perspective that includes root causes of symptoms that may not seem related. In my personal journey with him, I was able to uncover a huge backlog of emotional causes, even though I was completely convinced that the symptoms were purely physical. Not only did my symptoms alleviate themselves completely in a matter of weeks after several months of deeply affecting my life, but I also came out of my work with him feeling much lighter, happier, healthier, and being able to engage in more mature and loving relationships with others.

I also greatly appreciated the support that he provided for my process. He was able to hold space and witness me as the true director of the journey, and I felt very respected by him rather than put into the role of a client subservient to the practitioner. I learned a lot from him about what it means to feel supported as well as believed in. My sessions were much more inclusive and transformational than simply having needles in my body and going home with a bag of herbs. Not only does he have a strong knowledge of those Chinese medicine techniques, but he also nudged me to journey deep into my psyche to work through my blockages, which empowered me to become the charioteer of my own healing journey.

I would highly recommend him to anyone for any kind of healing process. And especially to those who have tried many approaches but not found the true root of their symptoms, or those who simply want to delve deeper into finding even greater balance in their lives. I believe in his ability to hold space for deep healing and respect his knowledge, compassion and wisdom.

     --N.B. Asheville, NC

Josh showed up like no other practitioner ever has for me. Not only did he come to my home when I was immobile, he did so with a much-appreciated level of compassionate care, professionalism, and demonstration of medical knowledge that exceeded my expectations and made me feel at ease during a stressful time. Josh is a true healer in my opinion because he naturally embodies both heart and wisdom - revealing he is truly here to help people be well and has the experience and knowledge to back that up. Thank you, Josh Fox!

     --A.A. Leicester, NC


After experiencing chronic symptoms for over a year, and not being able to treat myself at home, I began working in earnest with Josh Fox. I received acupuncture treatments and herbal remedies from him over the course of a few months. I also underwent a big dietary overhaul per his recommendation. It wasn't always an easy journey, but every time I visited Josh, my nerves were settled and my resolve was renewed. He offered not only his expertise in Chinese Medicine, but an open, caring and compassionate energy that aided in my healing as well. Knowing that someone actually cares for you and your health as an individual human being has been scientifically proven to improve health and wellbeing. Josh was always very thorough in his assessments and never felt rushed. My illness cleared up after working with Josh for those few months, and still years later have yet to return. I am eternally grateful and recommend his services whole-heartedly.

     --S.A. Asheville, NC:


Fox is a wonderful, warm, caring and intuitive healer. Rather than being prescriptive, he met me right where I was at during our session. I received the acceptance, support and guidance I really needed. In addition to our great session together, Fox also prescribed an amazing herbal blend that was supportive for weeks after. Thank you Fox!

     --T.G. Asheville, NC


I love Josh’s holistic approach, as he is more than an acupuncturist. I had other acupuncturists treating these conditions for several years, and it was always an uphill battle because I wasn’t going to the deepest roots of the issues. Josh treated me with herbs, but he also helped me explore the underlying behaviors and needs that had my body express myself in that way. In the few months of working with him, I am staring to have more energy, beginning to work out regularly again, and my hair, skin, and nails are looking the best they EVER have at age 34.

If you’re looking to heal deeply with TCM, but looking for an unique approach and angle you’ve never tried before, I highly recommend you work with Josh. I am forever grateful.

     --E.S. Hendersonville, NC

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