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Grief Rituals

“Communal grieving offers something that we cannot get when we grieve
by ourselves. Through validation, acknowledgement and witnessing,
communal grieving allows us to experience a level of healing that is deeply
and profoundly freeing. Each of us has a basic human right to that genuine
love, happiness and freedom.”
– Sobonfu Some

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When we grieve together, we can go deeper. You are not alone in your grief! A community grief ritual is an opportunity to be supported through a guided somatic journey to create a village of support where we can unburden our hearts. Fox's facilitation style includes sacred witnessing, body awareness, heart-opening music, community altar-making, and emotional release. Often supported by other musicians and trained grief-tenders, these rituals are a powerful and safe space for folks of all comfort levels with communal emotional expression.

As a ritualist, Fox has offered community healing circles for over 9 years, inspired by the work and legacy of Sobonfu Some, Francis Weller, Joanna Macy, and Martin Prechtel. He has received direct ceremonial training with Laurence Cole and Keder Brown, and his work is deeply informed by his studies in a Daoist lineage of Chinese Medicine, and his own life-long apprenticeship to grief itself. He has offered both public and private rituals throughout the Southeastern US (NC, TX, FL, GA, SC, VA, AL, TN) to groups of 10-70 participants. 
To honor humanity’s great need for this healing, Fox and his team of grief-tenders continually make efforts to make these Grief rituals accessible and affordable. All public Grief rituals are offered on a donation basis where no one turned away for lack of funds.  His team also strives to honor and give back to local and global BIPOC organizations to honor the African lineage from where Sobonfu Some’s influence came.
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