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Holding Space: Grief Tenders Training
Tools for Supporting Individual Release


In Barnardsville, NC: May 11th-14th: 9-6pm
+ Zoom Sessions: May 2nd, May 9th, and May 23rd: 7-9pm

"Holding Space" is a training village designed to prepare healing professionals, facilitators, therapists, death doulas, and compassionate individuals with the skills and experience for offering 1-on-1 emotional support. This 4-day course consists of live demonstration, small-group practice, and diverse, creative classes designed to support participants in becoming more effective space-holders, and help others release Grief.
Participants can expect to gain: proficiency in empathetic listening, tools for role-playing, and techniques (as well as songs!) for emotional discharge. Because we will be working with each other, participants will also receive abundant space for their own healing, release, and transformation.
The course is taught by Josh Fox (he/him) and Suzannah Park (she/her) at Sun Song Community in Barnardsville, NC (full bios online). Three two-hour required Zoom meetings will compliment the in-person sessions to support participants with preparation and integration.
Josh Fox is a seasoned facilitator, acupuncturist, teacher, herbalist, and song-carrier. For over a decade, he has held space as a grief-, shadow-, and trauma-tender in his private practice and regularly offers community healing circles throughout the Southeast. A graduate and long-time faculty of Daoist Traditions College of Oriental Medicine, he is a lifelong student of Chinese Medicine, somatic therapies, and Non-Violent Communication. His village-building work with Grief has been greatly inspired by Sobonfu Somé, Frances Weller, Joanna Macy, and Martin Prechtel; and he has received ceremonial training with Laurence Cole and Kedar Brown.

Suzannah Park is a singer, activist, teacher and coach. She is a playful and gifted teacher that can coax complex healing and harmony from her students. She has developed a vocal life coaching program where she weaves together speaking/singing, counseling, physical empowerment and healing practices. Her infectious love for liberation and belief in our ability to heal, creates a welcoming and vibrant space in her workshops and safety and ease in her one on one sessions. Suzannah is the founder and director of the Wild Asheville Community Chorus, a counselor, teacher and organizer within the framework of an international peer-based counseling community, music faculty and choir director at Warren Wilson College and a director and teacher with the Vermont based international music organization Village Harmony.
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