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Chinese Medicine Hands-on Healing Workshops

We are excited to offer five unique workshops teaching techniques rooted in the wisdom of Chinese Medicine. All classes taught by Josh Fox except where otherwise noted. Come join us for one or all of them! Classes cost $50 each ($80 for Mt. Gardens) or $200 for the whole series. No one turned away for lack of funds (contact us). Locations and further instructions will be sent via email upon registering.


Wednesdays from 10am-2pm in the Asheville Area:

Pao Zhi: Augmenting Plant Energetics (May 21st)
Learn techniques to prepare and cook dried herbs to be able to shift their energetic properties: dry-frying, steaming, and preparing with wine, vinegar, brine, ginger, etc.

Cupping + Scraping Techniques (May 28th)
Learn the art of fire-cupping and gua-sha-- tools to help release pathogens from the body due to colds, flus, respiratory issues, muscles constraint, etc.

Meridians + Acupressure (June 4th)
Tour through the energetic channels that flow through the body, learning how they are accessed, what they are connected to, and how to initiate healing.

Making + Using Moxibustion (June 11th)
Moxa has been used to treat chronic wounds, menstrual issues, cold conditions, qi and blood stagnation, hemorrhoids, and many other imbalances. Learn how to use this incredible heat-therapy and the process of making it from local abundance.


Wednesday, June 18th from 10am-6pm in Celo, NC. Carpool from Earthfare lot at 8:45am:

Mountain Gardens Adventure: Plant Walk, Qi Gong, and Waterfalls
Come meet and learn about many Chinese and Western medicinal plants from Josh Fox and Joe Hollis. Qi Gong with Michael Parker afterwards.


Register Today:

Free Medicinal Plant Walk

What: Fox Herbs & Acupuncture LLC invites you to a Medicinal Plant Walk at the UNCA Botanical Gardens. Come meet some of the early Spring risers, beautiful blooms, and medicinal allies of Southern Appalachia. Josh Fox will guide you along the way, weaving together the wisdom of local woods-lore with classical Chinese medicine. This walk is free of charge! Donations are appreciated, but not necessary :)


When: Sunday, April 13th from 3pm-5pm


Where: UNCA Botanical Gardens

Chinese Medicine for Western Herbalists, Part II

This is the second part to the Chinese Medicine for Western Herbalist series. Now that Spring is in full swing, the class will be geared outdoors with an emphasis on our local plants (from the CM perspective) and deepening our understanding of patterns and treatment. The classes will run from 10am-2pm every Wednesday from 5/14-6/25. Many of the classes will be in woodsy spots, and the June 18th class will be a full-day field trip to Mountain Gardens (with overnight camping optional). Here are some of the topics we'll likely cover: Moxibustion (making, using, treatment), Pao Zhi (enhancing plant energetics through preparation), Meridians, Cupping and Scraping therapies, Acupressure, Chinese Medicine Plant Walks, and Live Case Studies.


Tuition for this 32-hour class is on a sliding scale from $200-$300. You can register now by paying in full or by putting down a non-refundable $50 deposit.

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